PCB Assembly Services

At Bransys we are focused on helping OEMs fast track their design process and scale production to conquer new sectors and markets.

Dedicated to Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), offering top-notch Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) to cater to your needs.
Looking for a reliable European PCB assembly and hardware manufacturing partner?
Let’s explore the possibilities, contact us at contact@bransys.com.

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Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

At Bransys we help companies save on labor costs, reduce the need for in-house manufacturing and production facilities, and improve product quality.

We are here to provide the necessary components to assemble finished goods, or even manufacture the product in its entirety.
If you are looking for reliable partner for:

  • Private Label Manufacturing
  • Individual Component Manufacturing
  • Labor or Service Subcontracting
  • End-to-End Manufacturing

Bransys is your go to partner for contract manufacturing.

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Clients we make happy:

Software and Hardware Outsourcing

Mobile and Web Apps

Bransys is your extra hand in design and development of custom made software and mobile apps.
We are the partner that develops top notch apps and custom built solutions.

We help:

  • Startups reduce costs and time, while getting fully developed solution, even when deadlines are tight. Now they can focus on the real thing: their business development and leave the IT development to a trusted partner.
  • Companies get innovative software solutions and stay up to date with technology.

We have experience in the area of:

  • Thermoregulation
  • GSM/GPRS communication
  • GPS communication protocols
  • Analog measurement
  • GLCD menu subsystems
  • Graphical presentation
  • Touch controllers

Our core is ARM processor (in many cases NXP cortex M3. M4, ST-M7, TI sitara, A8) or PIC micro for small applications, ANALOG devices as analog front end.

As a software platform we are using compilers (IAR, GCC, PICC) and real time OS (Power Pack, FreeRTOS, and ECOS)

Projects who we already done is AVL, various types of thermo regulators (universal type of thermo regulators), controller for different types of machines (for bakery, for pack, for service of air condition systems of car)

And many types of customized solutions.

Our clients are ARIAZONE(Australia), FINES, WURTH, DATRIX, MICROSYST …

Also we are experienced for doing prototypes (full hardware and software).

Software Outsourcing

WEB Design & Development

Great web development begins with flawless strategy. With your brand at the center of everything we do, we’ll produce a website design that supports the growth of your business and adds to your bottom line.

Web Design

  • Exceptional websites experiences are a blend of the right message and the right technology. Our interactive design approach, focuses on impact, usability & achieving results.


Web Development

  • The best-planned experience is wasted without a top-notch implementation. So we craft supremely functional websites

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Clients we make happy: