Private Label ELD Bransys

Increase your annual profits with your own Private Label ELD. 

Save as much as $1 MILLION over 5 years. Start saving now by requesting a demo here.

Top 8 benefits you will get from the Private Label ELD platform:

  1. Prevent hours of service violations by having compliant and tested ELD;
  2. Unrestricted access to your own data in a secure database;
  3. Automate IFTA and IRP state mileage calculations for you and your customers;
  4. Enable your customers to view and manage location data captured from the ELD devices;
  5. Streamline your client’s vehicle diagnostics with fault code detection & help them reduce vehicle breakdowns;
  6. Private label Web application for safety managers;
  7. Private label Android and iOS app for Drivers;
  8. Additional reports and functionalities like DVIR, IRP, IFTA, active GPS tracking etc.

We handle the FMCSA Registration for you and help your company become an approved ELD Provider. Learn more about this!

Bonus, you get Private Label GPS Tracking:

  • The ELD devices are also professional GPS trackers, and we include the sim card costs in the basic subscription
  • Reliable Hardware that installs within minutes, made in Europe. Designed, developed and manufactured by Bransys.
  • The device has integrated SIM card and connects all north America mobile networks.

And all this is just a small part of what you can do with YOUR private labeled ELD platform. Request a demo and find out more!

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