DMV Nevada Approved Service Provider

Emissions Continuous Monitoring

Skip Conventional Emissions Tests with Nevada’s Continuous Monitoring Program for Fleet Vehicles

Substitute annual emissions tests in Nevada and keep your fleet vehicles running clean year-round by remotely monitoring emissions, driver behavior, engine idle times, and more.

Wireless Emissions Monitoring

Capture diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and smog-specific sensor information in real-time with a direct connection to the vehicle’s computer.


Review all four forms below.

Contact and enroll with us.

Complete and return the EC-76, EC-44 and CED-07 forms.

The DMV will review your application and approve it if your fleet meets the requirements.

Solution for Vehicle Roadworthiness Test Stations


Product benefits:

  • Offers all legal requirements for a compulsory periodic test of the roadworthiness of a motor vehicles and their trailers
  • Standardized international traffic licenses – Error free vehicle roadworthiness test process
  • Increased customer care
  • Optimized testing process
  • Data exchange between governmental institutions for preventing illegal activities
  • Centralized database

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Software products

Bureau of Metrology

Software is designed to provide following functionalities:

  • Verification of mechanical measuring instruments
  • Homologation of vehicles, procedure for obligation attests
  • Equipment and spare parts entering register of vehicle importers
  • Technical regulations
  • Calibrations
  • Keeping record of type approvals
software products-BureauOfMetrology-bom-mk

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Clients we make happy: